VInyl Wrap Aftercare

Immediate Aftercare Instructions – Vinyl Wraps

  • Please do not wash your car OR leave it in the rain in the first 5 days after installation, the moisture in between the film and the paint surface is still evaporating, the edges are also drying so that the adhesive can stick to the paint correctly. The use of shampoos will hinder the edges to set correctly.
  • As mentioned above the first short period the film is curing, you may notice some bubbles or a slight haze in the film, but that is nothing to worry about as the film will settle from regular driving and being exposed to sunlight. This can typically take 1-3 weeks depending on how you use/park the vehicle.
  • Once the film has cured, you are able to wash the car as normal (if possible use the 2 bucket method and a lambswool wash mitt), if using a pressure washer insure that you keep the spray lance at least 1 metre away from the surface of the film especially the edges as the pressure may lift the edge of the film.
  • The best product to use on the film is PH neutral car care products, we do sell these products, please feel free to ask us!
  • In the event you have bug splatter or bird droppings you should remove immediately as if left on; the acids in the dropping will etch through the pvc, coupled with the ambient heat produced by the car this may accelerate the process. The best way to remove the bug splatter is by using pressurised water from 1 metre away, the best way to remove bird dropping is by pouring warm water on the area; leave to soften for a minute then gently use a microfibre cloth only to wipe off.
  • If you usually polish or wax your car on a regular basis there are some restrictions on what you can use on the film. Polishes that have abrasives may not be used on the film nor products that contain Petroleum or Solvents, these products can damage the film and if solvents are used will remove the adhesive.
  • Do not use abrasive or resin based products as it can cause a haze to the surface of the film.

Ongoing Aftercare Instructions – Vinyl Wraps

Here at Fast Print, we work with high quality brands, and we recommend using cleaning methods as suggested by the manufacturer, such as 3M.

Using these cleaning and maintenance tips will help maintain the premium look and longevity of your vehicle wrap. Infrequent or improper maintenance can lead to premature degradation of graphics and lower the expected life of the film.

Cleaning Tips:

Waterless Wash – Preferred Method:

If the vehicle is not overly dirty, this is the preferred method.

Hand wash extremely dirty vehicles first and follow up with a waterless wash. Waterless wash products can help maintain the gloss level and performance of the film. Before using any new product on your wrap, be sure to test them in an inconspicuous area of the vehicle. We recommend using a standard cleaner in our Shining Monkey 360 Type II line that can be provided.

Afterward, use our sealant to provide a protective layer on your wrap for easier cleaning of everyday dirt and stains.

Hand Wash – Ideal for a vehicle with dirt or other residue.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Pre rinse: Using a hose, rinse the whole wrap with clean water. This helps remove the loose dirt particles and helps avoid scratching the graphics.
  2. Wash: Gently wash the vehicle with a mild soapy water solution using a soft cloth or a synthetic or natural sponge. Start from the top of the vehicle and work down. Avoid abrading the surface with unnecessary scrubbing.
  3. Rinse: Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  4. Dry: Let the wrap dry naturally. To avoid water spotting, use a silicone squeegee to remove water then finish drying with a micro-fiber or soft, nonabrasive towel.

NOTE: Excessive spraying at the wrong angle may create failure points and result in the wrap lifting at edges. An automatic car wash that uses brushes is not recommended. Brushes may scratch the wrap or catch the wrap’s edge and create a failure point.

FAQ’s of Wrap Cleaning

 What detergent should I use for a hand wash?

Use a mild car cleaning detergent and water mix that does not contain any strong soluble substances, alcohol or abrasive components. The detergent should have a pH balance between 5 and 9.

When should I clean my vehicle?

The vehicle should not be cleaned within the first 5 days of the wrap being applied. After this period, it is recommended to wash your vehicle every week.

Can I wax my vehicle?

Wax is a compound that you are actually rubbing into the pores of the vinyl which cant escape. Therefore, it further embeds into the film and can increase the breakdown rate of the PVC film.

Due to this reason, we do not recommend using wax on vinyl wraps. However, you can use liquid sealant products that create a barrier over the surface of the film, that prevent a fallout and run-off.

These products are available through Fast Print Signs & Apparel.

What if my wrap has a matte finish?

Use a waterless wash that is recommended for matte finishes. Waterless wash products containing wax can fill in the texture and cause shiny spots. A lighter matte finish will be prone to showing more dirt than other finishes. Use a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water to spot clean matte finish films. If the alcohol and water mix does not remove dirt, you can try using a hot soapy water solution. You can also try an all-purpose cleaner purchased at your local hardware store.